Pipe Storage Systems

Lankhorst FixFLEX are pipe carriers of recycled polyethylene with semi-circular recesses. FixFLEX carriers are used in place of wooden dunnage. FixFLEX carriers are available in sizes between 2 ⅞” and 36”. Stacking with FixFLEX is vertical.


Lankhorst Pipestop is used for storing large diameter sections of pipe. Pipestop is a modular system with rail and blocks that can be adapted for different sizes without the use of special tools. Pipestop is available for diameters 16” to 62”. Stacking with pipestop is pyramidal.



Pipe storage solutions: 

PipeStop 16” – 62”

PipeStop System
FixFlexfotos stefan (8)



FixFLEX pipe carrier


2 ⅞” – 36”

FixFlex Pipe Carriers