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Pipe Storage Rack FixFLEX
Looking for a safe pipe storage rack system? Lankhorst FixFLEX Pipe Carriers are long lasting and field proven.

Lankhorst FixFLEX Pipe Carriers



FixFLEX pipe carriers are injection moulded from high grade recycled polyethylene. FixFLEX carriers are long lasting and re-useable. FixFLEX carriers are UV resistant over a wide temperature range. The material does not crack or degrade under influence of sun light and is unaffected by moisture, oil or solvents. Lankhorst FixFLEX pipe carriers have a proven track record of over 20 years of safe operation.


FixFLEX is an engineered system consisting of base carriers and mid carriers with defined, tested and field proven Safe Working Loads. The base carriers are placed on a flat surface and the mid carriers are placed in between the layers.



FixFLEX pipe carriers are available in lengths of 1,5 meter (=4.9 ft) and 1,9 meter (= 6.2ft) with standardized sizes covering 2 7/8” – 36”.


For an accurate quote please provide the following information in your request:

  • Length of the pipe (per OD in case of multiple OD’s)
  • Weight of the pipe (per OD in case of multiple OD’s)
  • Amount of pipes to be stored (per OD in case of multiple OD’s)
  • Maximum allowable stacking height at your location.


Download brochure KLP® FixFLEX pipe carrier here

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